About Us

In the heart of Kyoto, amidst ancient temples and bustling markets, a fiery friendship ignited during the isolating days of the 2020 pandemic. Two expatriates, bonded by their love for the city and a shared passion for spice, lamented the lack of quality, natural hot sauce options in Japan. Japanese cuisine, renowned for its delicate flavors, often fell short on the heat scale, leaving them craving more. Determined to address this gap, they embarked on a mission to create their own brand of hot sauce. Thus, Habanebros was born—a small, sustainable hot sauce company with a fiery mission.

Habanebros goes beyond being just a hot sauce; it's a testament to Kyoto's charm and a dedication to clean, natural ingredients. At its core is the signature sauce, crafted from fiery habanero peppers grown locally in Kyoto and meticulously fermented using traditional methods. The entire process, from fermentation to bottling, is conducted locally and by hand, with a steadfast commitment to avoiding plastics. Embracing the ethos of Japanese sustainability practices, every ingredient, including the vibrant habaneros and supplementary spices, is sourced within Japan.

The flagship product, the Classic Habanebros Sauce, epitomizes their commitment to quality and flavor. Designed to enhance rather than overpower, it adds a perfect balance of heat and umami to any dish. As the company continues to grow, it remains deeply rooted in its original ethos of providing clean, natural options for heat enthusiasts in Japan. Looking ahead, Habanebros is poised to expand its offerings with two new innovative flavors set to launch in mid-2024. With its dedication to purity and flavor, Habanebros is primed to revolutionize the Japanese hot sauce industry, one fiery drop at a time.