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Habanebro 120ml / 2 bottle

Habanebro 120ml / 2 bottle

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A two-bottle set for better value.

Regular size for everyday use.
Chili sauce made by fermenting Habaneros from Kyoto, and adding apple cider vinegar in the final cook.
No additives or chemical preservatives used.
We concentrate on extracting pure umami and spice with the aim of being complementary to any dish.


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原材料名Ingredients ハバネロ(京都産)、リンゴ酢、食塩Kyoto grown Habaneros, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt
保存方法Storage Conditions 開封前は直射日光を避け冷暗所で保存、開封後は必ず冷蔵庫で保存してくださいStore in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight before opening. After opening, please refrigerate.
賞味期限Best Before Date 製造日より1年1 year from the date of manufacture
栄養成分表示Nutritional Facts 熱量 132kca・タンパク 2.1g・脂質 8.5g・炭水化物 11.8g・食塩相当量 0.01g(100mlあたり)Calories 132kca, Protein 2.1g, Fat 8.5g, Carbohydrates 11.8g, Salt equivalent 0.01g (per 100ml)
辛味目安Spice Level とうがらし
うまみのレベルアップを目指してDelivering maximum umami.


Habaneros are known for their thicker flesh, fruity aroma, and heightened flavor compared to other aromatic herbs and vegetables.

Habanebros is produced by fermenting habaneros for an extended period to extract umami from the of habaneros, before finishing the sauce off with apple cider vinegar.

A completely additive-free, naturally fermented chili sauce with exceptional balance to achieve a heightened level of flavor.
素材の鮮度が旨みの秘訣The freshness of the ingredients is the secret to the flavor.

All vegetables, including habaneros retain more flavor when they are locally sourced. By using locally grown produce, we are able to maximise the flavor delivered in the sauce.

After a thorough nationwide search, we discovered that the best habaneros in Japan were foriuitously produced in our hometown, Kyoto.
ハバネロ含有量80%80% Habanero Content

The sauce is intended to promote the delicious fruity taste of the habanero pepper, and for this reason we have decided to use a far higher than usual 80% habanero pepper content in the sauce.

Adding other ingredients would reduce manufacturing cost, but will alter the pure taste of the sauce. The goal with our flagship Habanebros sauce is to add umami and spice to any dish, whilst retaining the oringinal great flavors.
Not just for special dishes, but for everday meals as well!

It took about two and a half years to perfect the ideal flavor of our flagship Habanebros sauce. Handling the habanero, which contains a large amount of a spicy component called capsaicin, is fraught with danger and requires careful preparation using gloves and gas masks, no unlike handling explosives.

The result is a seasoning that adds flavor and spiciness not just for special dishes or restaurants, but for all kinds of Japanese, Western, Chinese, and French dishes, such as sashimi, Takoyaki, smoked oysters, and gyoza dumplings.